Korcula Pebble Beach With A Map – Vaja in Racisce


Every part of the island of Korcula hides its specific pebble beaches. Here, we are presenting a beach Vaja on the north-eastern side of the island, close to the town of Korcula. Situated 10 min drive from Racisce, it is a hidden and a little known spot for immersing into the Adriatic Sea. Climbing down […]


Korcula Sailing and Windsurfing School Extreme


Sailing and windsurfing school “Extreme” operates on the west side of the island of Korcula. Continue reading for more informations!     For all wind and sea enthousiasts and anyone who wants to experience windsurfing on Korcula, sailing and windsurfing school “Extreme” is located on the beach Zal in Prizba, near the peninsula of Ratak. […]


Korcula Pebble Beach with a Map – Zitna in Zavalatica


No matter what Croatian island you choose to spend your vacation on, it will surely have typical pebble beaches. And apartments on Korcula have a lot to offer concerning not only the private beach of the apartment, but a bunch of pebble beaches nearby. Isolated or popular, you will surely have a lot to choose […]


Google Street View on the Island of Korcula

It’s been awhile since Google Street View shot this for Google Map of the island of Korcula, but we’d like to show it once again, if you haven’t seen it yet… because it is an interesting way to get to know the islands in Croatia, plan your holiday, or to have another insight on accommodation […]


Bitka na Gici Blato 2012

On the night of 9th of August, a spectacle called Battle of Gica took place in front of the church of Blato. The story goes back in 1571, when the Ottomans threatened all along the Mediterranean sea. Their invasion spread into the Adriatic sea and they attacked Blato from the bay of Grscica. But, they […]