Recipe for Eight Bigger Artichokes

Soak artichokes in the water in which is previously squeezed one lemon. After one hour of the process of de-souring, remove the outer leaves, cut the thorned tips of the remaining leaves and cut excess stem (if it is bigger, cut it and cook with the artichokes). Make some room around the leaves and fill it with stuffing. Put it in a pot, add water, white wine, a bit of vinegar, one tea spoon of sugar, peas, than add carrot, celery, leek (all chopped). Add salt and a little bit of olive oil and cook a little more than one hour.

Stuffing: 4 big spoons of larger breadcrumps, 1 egg, 4 garlics, small chopped pieces of bacon, parsley, a little bit of olive oil, water, salt, sweet pepper.

Food recipe artichokes Blato Prizba KorculaFood recipe artichokes Blato Prizba Korcula