Off Season Travel to Korcula

With several excellent places and resorts to choose from, visitors to Korcula have the chance to see everything from the picturesque stone terraces landscape, vineyards and olive plantations to the charming romantic and quiet beaches. While every month of the year provides a vacation in paradise, the off-season offers unique opportunity to see some amazing sights, stunning sunsets in Vela Luka or Korcula and unforgettable horizon scenery in Prizba or Prigradica.

Time Frame

The off-peak tourist season in Korcula takes place from the beginning of September to the beginning of July next year. While August is prime visitor season, the beginning of September offer a reprieve from the holiday crowds and also a great discounts in the accommodation offer. Also visitors who decide to came on vacation in April, May of June will usually find an excellent weather, interesting events and many possibilities for an active vacation like bicycling.

Korcula Off Season Accommodation Offer – random selection


One of the advantages of traveling to Korcula during off-peak seasons are discounted accommodations. The other thing is that anytime of year is a good time to visit Korcula in terms of temperatures, so you really can’t go wrong booking a vacation during the off-season when it comes to staying warm.

Couples and Families

Every resort offer accommodation in studios or rooms ideally to accommodate couples and honeymooners. Also, the families with the children will be satisfied with a quiet pebble beach. Older couples will find an excellent walking paths. Besides that many apartments owner will offer active holidays helping them in olives or grapes harvesting.

Climate Considerations

While summertime is a peak season for tourists, the fact remains that this time is also extremely hot on Korcula. When traveling during the summer, keep in mind that unpleasant high temperatures will be factors. If you choose to travel during the off-season in September, October or May, June you will encounter cooler Mediterranean temperatures. Local residents know that the months of September and October offer ideal weather conditions, calm, warm waters, and fewer tourists.

Off-Season Happenings

The off-season presents an array of local events that may be of interest to visitors. In September and October, the owners will offer you unforgettable fishing excursions and squids catching. At this time wine grapes harvesting takes place so the visitors can enjoy in winemaking and tasting along with local seasonal food.

For what is concerned the other events in this period, in late June and during July there are fisherman’s evenings, in many places throughout the island, during which you can discover various types of traditional local delicacies, then there is a carnival for celebration of Half the New year, on 30th of June in Korcula, performances of classical music (especially during the Korkyra baroque festival in September), traditional Dalmatian music (singing style called “klapa”), popular Croatian music, newly-opened club Boogie Jungle with performances by international DJs, Korkyralis summer festival…

For museum sightseeing, the new Marco Polo museum opened its doors this summer, but there is also the Korcula town museum, the folk museum Barilo house in Blato, the museum of Vela Luka, to name a few.