Korcula Island – Discover And Explore


Welcome to Korcula island – a historical islet in southern Croatia. Korcula island is full of things to do and places to explore. Here is an overview of Korcula island, its history and main characteristics. Korcula island is located in the southern Croatia in the Adriatic Sea, in the central Dalmatian archipelago. Korcula became an […]


Ciklo Get Tour Korcula 2016


This weekend, a bicycle/gastro tour takes place on the island of Korcula – http://ciklo.get4u.hr/en/ Organized by the association G.E.T. and with the cooperation of the local tourist boards, bicycle clubs, tourist agencies, local winemakers and food producers, bicycle fans are visiting the places around the island of Korcula. Tasting local specialties and wines with guidance from […]


Dry Stone Walls on Korcula, Blato


This week we’re taking a look at certainly one of the biggest monuments of the cultural heritage of Blato and Korcula: the dry stone walls. The people of Blato lived out of the agriculture throughout the ages. But, being on the island where there is a little soil to cultivate, every bit of it was […]


Medieval Spirit of the City of Korcula


On the island of Korcula, one can encounter many historical sites, but there is one that stands out as you wander through it – the old town centre and the ramparts of the city of Korcula dating from medieval times. Looks like and it almost feels as small Dubrovnik, Korula is during summertime a town […]


Excavations in Vela Spila, Vela Luka


Other than being an island in Croatia to spend a vacation, it is still a rather unknown fact that there is an important historical site on Korcula: the cave Vela spila in Vela Luka… Vela spila is located on the northern side of Vela luka, on the Pinski rat hill, overlooking the bay of Vela […]


A Day on Badija, Korcula


Badija is a small island close to the town of Korcula, but one of the largest islets which surround the island of Korcula… During the course of history the island saw a few changes of the inhabitants: after the Romans, from Middle ages onwards it was an islet being inhabited by the Franciscans, who abandoned […]


Feast Of Saint Jacob In Cara, Korcula


On the night of 25th of July, the feast was held in the village of ara. Korula’s most known wine-producing location had celebrations, religious processions such as boat blessing, sword dances – all in all, celebrations that lasted the whole day, because ara celebrated the day of its patron saint, Saint Jacob. Evening events kicked […]