Atractive Seafront Accommodation


Searching for an accommodation on the island of Korcula? Want to stay near the sea, near the beach and on the terraces with a nice view to the sea? Apartments Boskovic in Karbuni on the island of Korcula offers the accommodation in comfortable apartments just few meters from the beach. Apartments Boskovic house is situated […]


Accommodation in Korcula City


The city of Korcula is the most atractive location on the island of Korcula. It is a bustling historical place with an unique medieval city walls, museums and galleries. The city of Korcula also has a nice beaches in several locations. If you want to stay in Korcula during a summer vacation we want to […]


One Apartment House Korcula Apartment


Do you need more privacy while you are on vacation? In that case, you will probaly search for the houses with only one apartment. Often, it is not easy to find such accommodation on the island of Korcula. We want to make it easier for you and suggest a few apartment accommodation on the island […]


Three Beaches You Must Visit – Korcula West Side


Even if you book an apartment with its own private beach, you’ll have a memorable time lying on one of these beaches under the parasol and resting your eyes on the clear blue sea. Beach “Zal” situated in Prizba. The most visited beach in the southern coast riviera of Blato is a little bit hidden, […]


Izrada betonske galanterije


Nudimo izradu betonskih elemenata kojima ete brzo, funkcionalno i povoljno urediti vaše apartmane, kuće i okućnice. Ponuda betonskih proizvoda: barokni stupići za ograde balkona, terasa, kuća vaze i fontane grčki stupovi i lampe fasadni kamen   Izdvajamo preko 20 raznovrsnih tipova stupića (kolone) za balkone i ograde, razne vrste vaza i žardinjera te fontana za […]