A Somewhat Different Voyage

Even if these pages promote an island on the coast of the Adriatic Sea and activities during summertime, sometimes a voyage to entirely new place can be a really thrilling experience. The sun, the baths, all the things related to summer are far from the world of eastern France. The rivers, the castles, the rain, a whole lot of cheese and vine make this region an exceptional place to be, with a different “mode de vie”. You may say that is not very amusing, but there is a larger context in which this region gains a whole new meaning; it is positioned in the heart of the Europe, where a lot of people commute every day from one country to another; it has the most foreign students of all regions in France, the city of Besancon, with 100 000 inhabitants, in which there are so many foreign students an events that everyone can think: this is a place for me. A voyage worth considering…

Foto: I. Bacan