Few Safety Precautions when Planning a Sea Activity

Even the radio stations, tv news, newspapers and magazines warn about these factors on daily basis, we find it useful to write a few warnings concerning mostly Priba (and other places on the south side, too), because these parts have some characteristics in landscape and weather conditions; the danger comes unexpectedly and it can happen to anyone…

Beware of the winds, the sea and the sea current. This is one of the most important factors when living close to the sea, and strangers generally take it for granted.

In Prizba and other places on the south side, the wind starts blowing generally every day around 10:30 – 11:30 am and, generally, it intensifies and continues to blow until late evening.

If you are a beginner in windsurfing or in any other water sport, we strongly advise not to go far from the shore; examine carefully the direction of the wind and look out for the ones that blow from the shore to the open sea. If you are renting a boat, bear this in mind as well as the usual precautions, such are: checking the gas supply, taking the paddles, always paying attention to what is coming to your direction etc.

Related to the previous advices, we also strongly recommend not to swim to the nearby islets (if there were any in place of your staying). Even they seem to be rather close, the sea current between the shore and the islets can become strong and push you far away from your planned route. Swimming far from the shore is also dangerous because of numerous vessels, yachts and jet-skis that pass through this area.

When renting a boat or coming with one, keep in mind that you must take care to moor it properly. There have been reports on abandoned boats that float far from the shore because the lines and anchors weren’t properly fixed. Also, do not hesitate to ask for a advice from the locals on best places for keeping a boat (related to the previous facts about the winds and sea current) and always check the weather prognosis for a few days in advance.

Also, please follow the usual instructions concerning the exposure to the sun, sea creatures that can cause injuries, weather conditions and any other general precautions. All the advices above mentioned are based on our long experience with accidents during summertime.