For All Bicycle Fans and Those Who Are about to Become One

Why do you love your bike? The real one or the imaginary one. The one you had in your childhood, the one you forgot, the one you never separated from? Because it has what children seek for: the magic of the two wheels that can take us anywhere, the wind in your hair, the open road that leads to the unknown lands.. Do you still drive your bike because of that? Or you just want to remain in shape?


Whether the bike is a object from a magical factory of the child’s imagination or a gear for exercise, cycling around our island will always be more than just a ride. With lots of roads and paths, Korcula is a perfect place for all types of cycling. You will find small island villages, vineyards, olive plantations, pine tree woods and, as always, the odours. While cycling, or sensations are active, and you collect all the blue and green, the sounds of birds and crickets, the clear blue sea, the smell of dry Mediterranean grass..


From Prizba you can take several directions, along the coast or to the inland. If you choose the coastline towards Brna, try to catch the sunset somewhere between Priscapac and Vinacac — it will never be the same. Passing through the next location – the bay of Istruga – take your time to rest in the deep shade of pines, and when you finally reach Brna, while sitting in a restaurant on an evening drink, you surely won’t forget the impressions you collected during your trip.


You will have the same impressions if you go from Prizba to the opposite way – to Grscica. It is a small village in a hidden bay which is very different from Prizba, but the houses, which are very close one to another, make it a typical Mediterranean town. Prizba’s horizons disappear while you enter Grscica, but the scene is indeed specific, with boats floating quietly during a summer breeze or revealing their reflection during the morning calm; the deep shade of pine trees that stretch over the bay and sea odours show somewhat different picture than during the winter.


From Grscica you can follow the coastline towards Karbuni which look more like Prizba. Along the way, you will see nothing but pure nature, the sound of crickets and crystal blue sea. The road is not paved, but you surely won’t regret it after the coastline of Karbuni stretches in front of your eyes…