6 Things To Do Korcula That Are Rather Undiscovered


The island of Korcula in Croatia is a true gem of the Adriatic Sea, yet still rather undiscovered for most part. Whether you search for things to do Korcula and you would like to explore the heritage of the island and the beauty of nature, there are plenty of sites to discover outside the famous town of Korcula. We are going to list 6 things to do Korcula island that are still rather undiscovered. These are landmarks hidden from the spotlight when you search about Korcula, but nevertheless still very impressive.

Dry stone walls around Blato

One of the first landmarks that is still undiscovered to a broader audience are the dry stone walls around Korcula island. For decades the people on Korcula made their living out of winemaking business (as well as olive trees cultivation). Dry stone walls were built on hill slopes to prevent the soil from being washed away during rains. Therefore, a multitude of small terraces were formed on the hill slopes all around the island. Our picks in this blog are the ones around Blato, along the road to Grscica and Prizba. The view is just stunning and the human work in this area is astounding! There are also smaller roads and walking paths through this canyon-like paysage and over the hills surrounding the area, making it great for discovering new things to do Korcula. We suggest exploring most of these on foot, with right hiking equipment, but there are places that have roads and paths suitable for cycling, such as the area around Karbuni or the outer parts of Vela Luka.

Vela Spila (Big Cave) in Vela Luka and Kopila in Blato

Vela Spila (in local Croatian dialect meaning Big Cave) archaeological site draws more and more attention as one of the most important archaeological sites in the Mediterranean area, having evidence of 20 000 years of continuous settlement. A local scientist backed with teams from Cambridge continues to work on excavations and on making it more recognizable with each year. Along with occasional lectures and on-site guides, a project called Plavi put (Blue path) was realized in collaboration with local architects to make a  walking path towards the cave more accessible, so now it can be easily reached from the center of Vela Luka. In the municipality of Blato, the same team researches the necropolis called Kopila on top of a hill outside Blato. There are many objects of big importance being found, and the whole project is getting more interesting because of more sites being discovered in the area called Lokvica in the nearby field. If you are making a plan of things to do Korcula while on Summer vacation, do not miss to check out these sites on the western part of the island.

Hum fortress in Vela Luka

Hum fortress in Vela Luka is certainly one of the best sightseeing spots on the island of Korcula. From this viewpoint you can see the whole of the western part of the island and the channels between Hvar, Lastovo and Korcula. The fortress on the top of the hill is definitely an attraction yet to be discovered, as it served as an observatory post for many decades in the past. If you decided to visit Vela Spila mentioned earlier, this Vela Luka landmark is worth a visit.

Kocje forest

Kocje forest is a secluded (some may also call it mythical) place situated outside Zrnovo, more precisely when climbing uphill in Zrnovo – Prvo selo. It is a protected area, being classified as a special forest vegetation reserve in 1962. Following the path that leads outside the village, you will come to a series of narrow and rocky paths that lead to a first spot, a tall rocky formation with interesting shapes and lots of small caves and narrow paths. Following the path through the moss-covered rocks, a small plain hidden with bushes and deep green forest appears at the second spot. The vegetation in this part is a rather unusual sight compared to the mediterrannean scenery that dominates the island. If you are staying on Korcula island, we suggest adding this to your list of undiscovered things to do Korcula.

Random pebble beaches on the island of Korcula

Beach Samograd Things To Do Korcula

Almost everyone coming to the island of Korcula heard of the most popular pebble beaches on Korcula like Pupnatska vala, Bacva, beaches on Proizd, sandy beach in Lumbarda or recently Moro beach on the islet of Stupe outside the town of Korcula. But, have you ever wandered around and tried to find a smaller pebble beach, more private? The map of Korcula shows us many possibilities, but the paths can be a mystery. Nevertheless, with a bit of persistence, a pebble beauty will certainly appear at the end of the path. Hidden beaches are one of the most requested things to do Korcula and you can find some of the lesser-known beach suggestions here: https://www.prizba.net/12-beaches-on-korcula-island-worth-a-visit/

Islets on south-western part of the island

Beach And Islets In Karbuni Things To Do Korcula

Islets around all the island of Korcula are always an inspiration when making a list of things to do Korcula. On the eastern part of the island, there are many islets surrounding the town of Korcula, most notably Vrnik and Moro, which lately gained more and more popularity with its entertainment and gastro offers. But should you decide to explore more to the western part, here is an example for a quick getaway. If you decide to rent a boat on Korcula, there are islets on the south-western part of the island which are great to explore, such as the islets in front of Prizba and islets in front of Karbuni and Nova. Couple of islets in the archipelago of Karbuni and Nova form a lagoon area with shallow waters and a small beach, great for making a stop and having a swim in a crystal clear sea.

More things to do Korcula?

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