Three Beaches You Must Visit – Korcula West Side

Even if you book an apartment with its own private beach, you’ll have a memorable time lying on one of these beaches under the parasol and resting your eyes on the clear blue sea.

Beach “Zal” situated in Prizba. The most visited beach in the southern coast riviera of Blato is a little bit hidden, but it is nevertheless situated in the centre of Prizba, close to the restaurants and cafes. Small pebbles, pebble-shaped gravel and shallow sea make it an ideal playground for children and also a great place to put a parasol and watch the waves rolling over the deep blue sea. Because of its position on the one side of the peninsula, it’s half of the time hidden from the wind often blowing from the west, and on the other days consider the waves coming to the beach negligible because of the shelter from nearby islets – just watch them roll and breathe in.


Pebble beach in Priscapac, Prizba. The eastern part of Prizba is called Priscapac, and it’s composed of houses close to the sea and apartments complex “Priscapac”. Under this complex lie two beaches similar to already mentioned Zal. The beaches are made of pebbles and they are also positioned on a small peninsula. You will also find there a nudist beach and a lot of small private beaches on the edges of the peninsula. The location offers a lot of activities, like diving centre, mini-golf course and a restaurant with a beautiful view to the open sea.
Beach in Priscapac - island of Korcula

Beach “Zal” in Prigradica. The place Prigradica is the most popular location on the northern coast riviera of the municipality of Blato. The beach here has an astonishing view to the canal between Korcula and Hvar and it’s accessible and suitable for smaller children. A very warm sea, sport centre, restaurants and cafes, gentle breeze blowing in the afternoons make it an interesting location to spend a day.Beach in Prigradica - island of Korcula