One Less Frequented Islet To Visit If You Rented an Apartment on Korcula South Side


You would like to set off to the sea and experience more while you enjoy the sea view from your apartment, on Korcula south side? Among many attractive islets to choose for spending a day, in this blog post we are presenting one that is less frequented yet still charming: Stupa in Prizba.


Looking at the sea from Prizba, there are 4 islets that create a line and a little one that’s a little bit detached. Stupa is the one that is all the way to the right, it is long and narrow and only with a little vegetation on it. Cruising around this island, it may seem as nothing special (although its depths hide many places which are great for the underwater fishing). But, if you decided to land on it, it will unveil some unexpected spots.


There is a mini-pebble beach ideal for entering the sea. It is situated on the smaller part of the island, on its northern side. Next, the coast on the northern side is absolutely stunning; the traces of centuries of waves splashing this tiny portion of rocks have made a unique sculpture out of it. And, although the island has very little vegetation, from some point of view it can appear as something out of this world. Check out the photo gallery: