Feast Day of Saint Vincenza and Sword Dance Kumpanjija, Blato

Last week, on April 28th, Blato celebrated the final day of the “Blato week”, celebrating its patron saint: the Saint Vicenza. On that day, a sword dance ceremony in Blato called Kumpanija was held in Blato town square…

The celebration of Saint Vicenza in Blato has a long tradition. Saint Vicenza is a Christan martyr which was killed by the pagans in the 3rd century AC. Her remains (relices) were transported from Rome to the town of Korcula and then in Blato in the 18th century. After that, the sarcophagus is exposed out of the All Saints church only every hundred years. On the feast day of the 200 years anniversary in 1995 a procession consisted of 8500 people.

Kumpanjija (or Kumpanija) is a sword dance like Moreska sword dance in Korcula and other kumpanija’s in Vela Luka and other places on Korcula. Even though the both dances originate from the battles against Moors and Ottomans, the difference between these two dances is that in Moreska the two sides. “armies” “fight” over a lady, and in Kumpanjija the two sides fight against each other. To dance the dance in both towns is a great prestige.

The dances are being held also during the summertime, with additional special events, so keep the track on the upcoming events here