Wild Asparagus and Black Bryony Recipe

Ever tried the wild asparagus and black bryony salad recipe, well known in these parts? Black bryony usually grows in Spring and its stalks are a delicous treat. In this recipe, we’re going to show one of the most popular preparations of this plant rich in phenolics.

For 2-3 people, you’re going to need a handful of the handpicked black bryony and wild asparagus stalks, such as this one:


Preparation of the ingredients: the lower woody part of the stalk of the asparagus and the bryony needs to be removed, so the individual stalk should look like this one.


When the preparation is done, the asparagus and the bryony are put into the boiling salty water.

Important notice: they are keen to overboil so they should not be left without the supervision. Once they are cooked, they need to be decant so there is no water left. Put them on a plate, and decorate with hard boiled eggs. Pour over some olive oil, wine vinegar and strew over some salt.