Medieval Spirit of the City of Korcula


On the island of Korcula, one can encounter many historical sites, but there is one that stands out as you wander through it – the old town centre and the ramparts of the city of Korcula dating from medieval times.

Looks like and it almost feels as small Dubrovnik, Korula is during summertime a town with bustling atmosphere. People are coming from many parts of the Europe and the world and there is a lot to experience and to taste under the hot sun. But, all of that wrapped up in the ambience of an old, preserved architecture is something unique.


The Statutes of the city from 13th century mentioned for the first time the ramparts of Korula and it is probable that they were already in their present place. The city was also protected by numerous towers: square, circular or semi-circular. The present state of the constructions came after few modifications and repairs done from the period of the jurisdiction of the Austrian Military Administration and onwards.


Walking along the ramparts, few bigger defense towers can be seen and visited. They have beautiful views on the channel between Korcula and Pelješac. When you come to the main entrance, the beautiful stairway leads you to the heart of Korcula, which is during summertime hosting many street performers, restaurants and markets. The central place in here is the square in front of St. Mark’ church, from which you can easily access all parts of the old town centre, through the narrow streets characteristically shaped as a fishbone. Many venues can be found here and events to experience: the House of Marko Polo, Moreška sword dance and Korkyra baroque festival, to name a few.


Although during the summer Korula might be bustling with energy, we propose also to think of visiting Korula in July or September for more relaxed experience of the city (and with enough warmth to catch the sun and enjoy sea). Either way, we suggest taking a walk in the morning, enjoying the sun and the sea at a small beach (right under one of the towers) and having a lunch at one of the restaurants in the promenade or elsewhere in the old centre. There are many restaurants with various offers, so doing a little research will surely be of use to find the right taste of the island.




Nowadays, the old town centre of the city of Korcula is applied for the UNESCO world heritage list. And, it seems like a good spot to film a few episodes of the Game of Thrones, doesn’t it?



Sources: Dokoza, Sero. Obrambeni sustav korčulanske komune u srednjem vijeku. Zavod za povijesne znanosti HAZU u Zadru, 2006.

Photo: Andreis