Things to do - general

The historical place Blato, where many summer cultural events take place, has and interesting old centre, dating earlier than 14th century. It is the erfect destination to visit and watch the old sword dances or find some other entertainment (folk or popular music concerts and discotheques).
Blato is also well known for many old medieval small churches. The churches are in several locations in Blato, as well as in different places around Blato. A few of them are situated close to the main roads and are very easy to find. For more information about these churches visit page Blato – medieval churches.
In Blato you can find several restaurants and pizza places of high quality . There are also shops where you can buy original Blato’s agricultural products such as vine and olive oil. The fish market in Blato offers a great choice of fresh fish, especially early in the morning.
Most relaxing is a long walk along the unique Blato’s lime-tree alley as well as sightseeing side streets built in original Korcula’s architecture.

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