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Newest Apartments: A Balcony For You

07-03-2015 20:07

Balconies are always one of the most important places when choosing an apartment on Korcula. No matter what type of accommodation you choose, there is always a place to relax and admire the scenery. Here is our selection of balconies from new apartment offers in different kind of settings:



General: Activities In Prizba During Summertime

22-02-2015 18:14

It's been awhile since we posted something about the island of Korcula and these winter times incited us to dig through our archive and publish something to chase the winter spirits away! On a bright summer day on the southern part of the island of Korcula Prizba and Grscica are wonderful places for a number of activities for having fun and enjoying the sun and the sea. Our camera captcured some of these moments: kids enjoying the slide and jiving on the beach, people water skiing and exploring the vast blue sea... Take a look to the pictures for a quick slip into summertime in Prizba!



Events: Moreska Korcula And Sword Dances Festival 2014

09-07-2014 12:20

Moreska Korcula and other sword dances from the island of Korcula were performed as a part of the Korcula Sword Dance Festival. This year it was a big event because the sword dance societies from the island of Korcula, the island of Lastovo and even a group from Valencia, Spain performed on a square in the city of Korcula on the night of 8th of July 2014. The dancers, "fighters", performed in the traditional clothes and they showed a rich heritage of their homeland. Check out the photo gallery! Videos coming soon.



News: 7 amenities you shouldn't miss on Korcula 2014

07-07-2014 22:05

The team from korcula-larus.com has chosen several services and restaurants which you shouldn't miss on the island of Korcula. If you decide to spend your holidays on Korcula this summer and if you stay in an apartment in Prizba, or some other resort on Korcula do not miss these oportunities.


What to visit: One Less Frequented Islet To Visit If You Rented an Apartment on Korcula South Side

17-06-2014 18:33

You would like to set off to the sea and experience more while you enjoy the sea view from your apartment, on Korcula south side? Among many attractive islets to choose for spending a day, in this blog post we are presenting one that is less frequented yet still charming: Stupa in Prizba.



General: Feast Day of Saint Vincenza and Sword Dance Kumpanjija, Blato

10-05-2014 15:46

Last week, on April 28th, Blato celebrated the final day of the "Blato week", celebrating its patron saint: the Saint Vicenza. On that day, a sword dance ceremony in Blato called Kumpanija was held in Blato town square...


What to visit: Dry Stone Walls on Korcula, Blato

30-03-2014 15:20

This week we're taking a look at certainly one of the biggest monuments of the cultural heritage of Blato and Korcula: the dry stone walls.



News: Korcula fishing trip with a sport fishing champion

23-03-2014 10:31
Korcula fishing trip - National sport fishing champion Tonci Sardelic Alesa Book Korcula fishing trip with a multiple national sport fishing champion
Tonci Sardelic Alesa.



What to visit: Medieval Spirit of the City of Korcula

16-03-2014 18:12

On the island of Korcula, one can encounter many historical sites, but there is one that stands out as you wander through it – the old town centre and the ramparts of the city of Korcula dating from medieval times.


What to visit: An Island Just for Yourself - Islets in Prizba and Karbuni

02-03-2014 11:55

You came to the island of Korcula, but in here, you can go even a bit further and find an island just for yourself! Continue reading for more clues...


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